SRBC Blog is Officially Here!
If you would like to submit a personal blog, article, paper, business, school paper, personal website shop/work, artwork or anything similar that you would think anyone could benefit from, please email them to
For more information, please continue to read below…
God’s work is in progress…
More is coming soon!!!
This is a new addition to our website and we are proud to include it!
Here you will find amazing writings, small business, or artwork from people near and far!
You do not have to be a part of our church in order for your work to be displayed on here.
This is for our church and our surrounding community of Christians! 
If you are a writer/artist, enjoy writing about God & Christian aspects, or you enjoy making art about God’s creation, then please by all means email us!
We appreciate any writings that are about:
Christian life
creative writing
Christian standpoints on current topics
Christian articles you thought were great to read ( attach link and author to article, please! )
school papers
We would appreciate any artwork/craftwork such as:
*all received digital – meaning it is sent by email
Personal paintings, sculptures, other media
or other artwork
If you have a website that your artwork is displayed, such as Etsy, Pinterest, Amazon, or another website,
please attach the link within the email.
Any local small businesses that stand on Christian principles? We include those businesses as well!
If you would like to submit a personal blog, article, paper or artwork/craftwork, small /personal business, or anything else that you would think SRBC’s website could use or that someone else would enjoy reading/viewing here, please email them to:
You may also email us if you have any questions regarding this page!
We are looking into having this page as a way for Christians to feel free in submitting their work whether it is published or unpublished. We intend to have a friendly page for all to view and enjoy, so please, share and tell others about this new page and submit your writings & art!
We are excited about this new page and we look forward to hearing from you!!!
How the submission process works:
SRBC’s website coordinator (WC) will review each submission via email. The WC will contact the writer/artist about their submission and then the WC then posts the accepted writing to this page.
How do I submit my work?
There are only a few steps to take and only a few things to consider before submission. SRBC asks that you include some information for us to give you credit on your work. It is your work and we want people to know who it is from, but if you want it to remain anonymous that is okay with us! 
We will need you to include the following within your email:
1. Your First and Last Name     
 (or write it out as “Anonymous”  or “Unknown”)
2. Date of artwork completed      
 (mm/dd/yyyy   or just the year)
3. State of which you live in      
 (if other than U.S.A., please write which country)
4. Digital version of writing, artwork, etc.      
(Word, PDF, photograph, website, etc.)
SRBC’s Blog is a great way for our members and outside community to show others their great talents and abilities! You do not have to even be a member of SRBC to display your talents. Even if you do not think your abilities or talents are that great, we are still interested into seeing what you can do! 
Whether it is from paintings, a portfolio of photography, inspiring blogs or thoughts, Christian services or volunteer work, singing about what God has done for you, an incredible non-profit organization, to whatever else the case may be… we want to help you be a part of something that our whole community can see! 
We do not want this page to be from just one person, we want our whole community to be involved and to feel appreciated for what all they can do! If you are a local small business owner or even if you just started up a business, we are interested into displaying it! If you make vinyl t-shirts and products, make pottery or paint canvases, we are interested! Whatever the case may be for you, send us an email today regarding what you do and we will see what we can do with it on here!
So please, take the time today, share with others, and let us know about and view  your amazing talents!
Even if you think your work is not worthy or appreciative enough, we would like to see your work on here!
 Examples of what we want:
High School / College papers
Your photography
Your paintings
Your sculptures
Your Graphic Designs
Your scrapbooking / card making
Your volunteer work
Your small business website or work
Your ideas, opinions, or interests for others to view
Your Facebook link to your work/hobbies
& so much more.
Send us almost anything!
What are we seeking for?
volunteer work
non-profit organizations
creative people for Christ
Godly people with Godly abilities and talents
small or beginning businesses & more!
Basically anything for our viewers to be able to enjoy viewing from time to time. They can find stores, people’s work and more easily through this page. Email us today if you know of anyone or you are someone who wants to get their work out there for many people to view and enjoy!
Seeking Godly photographers!
email us today!
Seeking writers for Christ!
email us today!
Seeking Godly artists!
email us today!
Seeking creative people for Christ!
email us today!
Seeking Christian volunteers!
email us today!
Seeking Godly people with Godly abilities and talents!
email us today!