Social programs, churches, rehab centers and many other institutions benefiting the public are strengthened from students who have earned a major in ministry. Their roles as community service managers, pastor, and counselors provide immeasurable support to their neighbors and communities, and efforts made to foster their academic health in turn foster the health of our communities. 
 In light of this information, has developed open-use guides to the bachelor’s and master’s degrees in theology. Each guide is rich with information that Seale and surrounding area’s students need to know to succeed, covering core sections such as courses, specializations, job outlook, related organizations, and more. It is our hope to get this vital information in the hands of students everywhere as quickly as is necessary for their best success. 
For Christians searching for a quality online education, is the preeminent site for faith-based education resources, online degrees, and information on scholarships. Unlike most college planning websites, provides community resources for distance students and detailed information on how each individual can find the best program that aligns with their passion and faith. 
Here are a few of their guides below:

Guide to a Bachelor’s Degree in Ministry –

Guide to a Master’s Degree in Ministry –

Guide to Christian Colleges in Alabama –
These guides are available to students everywhere. Check them out today!