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If you think you are not able to give anything, always know that God will provide and supply whatever we may need and it will always be on time.
We are not here to pressure you into giving large amounts of donations. That is not where our hearts are. We will accept anything you feel like giving, big or small. It is all going towards SRBC, missions, special offerings, etc. We will never take your money without praying over it and allowing it to be a blessing for our community and for God’s church. We will not take your money for granted and it will never go to waste.
We are thankful for our church family and friends who donate and give their tithes to us. We do all of this for God’s glory!
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So why give or donate to SRBC?
There are many Christians who could tell you why to give or donate to churches and a lot of them will often mention what the Bible states. We know that we are supposed to give to the church, but when it actually comes down to it, we just do not give much as compared with how much we have been given. Statistics have revealed that the more people make the less they are likely to give. Giving in the church is not necessarily a financial problem, it is a spiritual concern. It is very important that when we are planning our budgets that we should understand how to give and also why we should give.
It is important to know that giving has a purpose and it is simple. Giving not only blesses the giver, but it also blesses someone else and God. When giving to a local church, you help support their payments in finances to help keep the church functioning properly. It does not stop there. When you give to the church, it goes to missions, group mission trips and events, and other areas that enables us to help our surrounding communities. Giving goes beyond just blessing people, it also has a procedure that is systematic and it is a priority of praise. Giving is an act of worship and it needs to be personal and proportional, along with being non pressured.
When you give regularly and spiritually, it is a great and humble reminder that everything we have belongs to God and it is always nice to give back what He has provided for us. Giving regularly will eventually become a part of our lives and giving cheerfully helps in returning appreciation to God for what he has given us. When you give wisely it also supports the work that the church has been called to do.
When it comes down to it, there are a few main points to think about before giving:
1. Always give for the right reasons
2. Giving is a lifestyle and not something you only do on a Sunday morning
3. Giving is very simple and never set on a certain amount
You can find more information within these websites:
Want to donate something else?
You can donate other things too, if you want! Our ministries are always looking for ways to redecorate or to change things up a bit and we can always use other donations in many different ways for God’s glory.
Want to donate some decent chairs, Christian decor, craft paint, flooring, games, utility building(s), things for youth/children/college, craft supplies, school supplies, faux flowers, vases, blankets, or anything else you think our ministries could use?
You can easily do so! Just email us @