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Prayer Request FAQ:

How Do I Fill In The Form???
As always, we appreciate you taking the time to view our website and if you want our prayer team to pray for you, simply
click the first field (for your name) to fill out, type in your information, move to the next field and fill that information out and click the submit button. Yep, that is it!
What Happens After It Is Submitted?
Your form submission will be sending an email to our prayer team immediately after you submit your form.
SRBC’s prayer team will be notified of your prayer request and we will begin to pray for whatever is being asked.
Again, we would like to state that your prayer request is safe with us. If you want your prayer to remain anonymous, simply place your name as “Unspoken” or you can state in the message as “unspoken prayer request” or however you may want to word it.
There is no right or wrong way to let us know about your prayer.
Feel free to write it however you may want. Just take a look at our notice for more information. 

Do you have a prayer or a need?

Do you know someone that needs prayer?

Is there a situation that recently happened that we can help pray for?

Well, SRBC’s Prayer Team is more than happy to receive your prayer requests and pray for you!
Your prayer requests can go quite a long way with multiple Christians praying for whatever the situation is. SRBC is appreciative of your prayer requests and we respect them as we do with prayers that are asked within our church. You should feel safe knowing that your prayers are kept private unless you state otherwise and that the prayer team will pray continuously over them.
In this prayer request form, there are fields for you to fill out that helps us become knowledgeable over any situation or need that our prayer team can prayer for. Our prayer team consists of three people, which includes our pastor. The form also aids us in seeing how far our viewers are being reached, which is why there is an area to fill out for you to state which country you are from.
NOTICE:  Your prayer requests will remain unpublicized and protected, meaning we will not share your information with anyone outside of the prayer team. We want to remain ethically honest and true and that includes maintaining your prayers in a respectable manner! You can rest assure that your prayer requests can be trusted with us. Your prayers can remain anonymous if you wish or state otherwise how you would like us to go about the request.
This is your personal prayer request and we want to be able to pray for it in the best way possible that respects your privacy and wishes.
Also, we at SRBC do ask that you will take your time with your prayer submissions and remain thoughtful as to how you may word or state your prayer request. We want to be able to thoroughly understand what you are requesting. We also ask that you refrain from any vulgar or profane words and statements.
We appreciate you dearly and we want a friendly and respectable time dealing with your prayer requests.