Students Back To School

As students begin preparing to go back to school or are already back in school, there are a lot of things to consider telling your kids before they dive into the new school year. When the students start back they are automatically faced with different challenges that they may or may not have experienced before. They may have new teachers, classmates, bus or car drivers, etc. that they are having to become accustom to, they may already be faced with massive amounts of homework or automatically are given assignments that are overwhelming. The whole first two months of a student’s life are overwhelming and can cause a lot of irritation or aggravation if things are not being dealt with properly. It takes a while for the students to get used to new settings, people, and getting used to a routine schedule again, but there is hope in seeing the light in such a short time.
Before things begin to get too hectic for the new school year, try out some tips that might help calm things down:
1. First and foremost, pray. Pray every morning before you get too busy or are on your way to school. It can help your day go better unlike it could without prayer. It can also give you a moment to remain peaceful, to have a chance to talk to God first thing and it can grant you clarity & an understanding for your goals of the day.  
2. Create a goal(s) for each day. Sometimes this helps students to realize they can get through the day if they just have one or more goals set that are easily attainable. You can make the goals easy like eating your favorite breakfast, talking to your best friend, not to let anything ruin your day or talking to a stranger just to make them smile. You can also make them more challenging like completing your homework before it is due, not being late, not missing a meal or figuring out an answer before anyone else does. The goals students set can be limitless.
3. Do not complain over petty or simple things, (do not complain at all). Complaining have not really helped anything, but it does help to cause problems. Complaining can place a hold on you to where you begin to let it bother you and it can cause your day to be ruined. If something does happen like it rained and you got wet, you ran late and missed your next class, or whatever the case may be, just take a moment and think,
This day could have turned out to be a lot worse. Things could be a lot worse than they are.
You can also question yourself on the matter,
Is this really worth complaining about? If I heard someone complaining about this, would I judge them? Should I really be complaining about this? Is this something silly that can be changed by a reasonable solution?
Just try to be thankful in your situation. Be grateful to God that you are in an education system. Some places do not value or provide school anymore. You are blessed to have the ability to go to a school where others may not be as blessed. God has directed us to give thanks in all circumstances, for it is His will for us to be grateful and appreciative over everything, good and bad. (1 Thess. 5:18)
4. Realize that school is here to teach you more than what is in books. Yes, books are very beneficial, but teachers are able to provide wisdom through their experiences and they can show you new ways to things. Schools build life skills into you. There is a reason schools are the way they are now. They are trying to build and bring a new civilization into the future. Education also is able to teach you to love others by listening, helping, assisting, being respectful, being kind, etc. 
Try to see the big picture as to why you have to go to school and think of ways you can contribute to your experience.
5. Try to be a missionary through everything you do. Do it through love and with knowledge that God is watching you. God wants you to be a missionary, and being in a school where there are many who are ungodly, it is a great opportunity to shine God’s love and light into their lives. Students have the ability to reach many others through their walk, talk, and ways of living. If you read your Bible in front of them, they will begin to analyze everything you do so you have to be careful with how you witness to others throughout your daily living. If you are a Christian, realize the hours on the bus, in the halls, and classrooms are prime times to tell others about God. Be on a mission in your school to reach others. Show them there is hope, peace, and love with Christ. Let your light shine wherever you are at school!
6. Never forget your identity. Students experience different social groups or clubs and depending on where their friends lie within it, they may attempt to be like them in an effort to fit in. No one is defined by their actions or looks. If you are with Christ, you are a child of God. You have to live like it in order to keep that identity. God knows what is best for you and things will always go His way. All you have to do is ask Him to guide your path and lead the way for you. Ask yourself,
Would this be something God would approve of? Would God be happy with this decision or choice? How will this affect my future? Would I allow my future kids (or present ones) to do this?
If the answer is no to any of those, you may want to reevaluate your decision in the matter. Never do anything that will compromise your identity in Christ. If you have to change to fit in, do so in a way that is honorable and respectable in God’s eyes. 
7. Always be faithful to God. Yes, this is one of the most challenging because it is hard to remain faithful 24/7, but having a mindset that you are going to try your hardest to remain faithful to God can help your daily schedule. Pursuing holiness, not being a hypocrite, be a light to others, show Christ’s never ending love, and being faithful is very important to do every day. Try and make the most out of this year. Do not let it be another year that is wasted into being boring or uneventful, and do not let the bad days determine your whole year. Every day is a new day with new challenges. All it takes is having a mindset that you will achieve your goals, keep Christ shown throughout your actions, that no bad events today will ruin your tomorrow, and to pray and never complain.
Remember to be a holy, life changing student. Get rid of your sinful ways and seek to grow in godliness. Choose to do what is right and stay away from what is wrong. You can serve in your church and be faithful to your student, children, and college ministry. You can invite your lost friends to church and share the gospel everywhere. Try to be intentional with all of your friendships and ask the Holy Spirit to do all of these in your life. Ask God to help you go down the path He wants you to go and lead where He wants you to lead. As you go back to school, hold Jesus near your heart and treasure Him above all. Remember these things and live for Him, not just for this school year, but for the rest of your life.
One neat phrase to remember is “Live for Him to be with Him
Having and using these tips can help you live a happier life. We cannot promise that a life with Christ will be easy or always understandable, but we can promise that you will have a blessed and profitable future with Christ as long as you live for Him throughout everything that you do. Nothing ever worth having is easily obtainable. Enjoy your new school year, use the tips, and God bless!