VBS! VBS 2019

Vacation Bible School:

approaching fast!


We want to invite you, your children, and our surrounding community for this summer event!

There will be games, arts & crafts, music, food, and much more!

The best part is, it is completely FREE!



VBS accepts all of those with the ages of:

3 years old – 12th grade!


We promise that your kids do not want to miss out on the events going on that week!


We have vans that will pick up children in our van route areas for VBS!

If you or your children need a ride, please contact TRACI PERRY:

srbckids@yahoo.com    or    334-614-6587


We are thankful for you and we hope to see you there!


VBS Dates:

June 9 – 13 (Sunday-Thursday)

6:30-9:00 PM EST


Friday VBS Commencement:

June 14


What Is VBS?

We are glad that you asked!

VBS is where the church uses themed curriculum to teach kids and youth about God and stories within the Holy Bible.

We also teach them about missionaries and how missions are used within churches to help spread God’s love to other countries.

The curriculum is set to place stories and lessons to where any child will be able to understand it and learn about the stories in a fun and educational way.

Through their time at VBS, they will learn through their group study time, crafts, music, and games. Best part is that it is always free!

At SRBC’s VBS, we have many leaders who are there to help be teachers and assistants, Recreational (REC) leaders, food preparation workers, craft leaders, music leaders, teachers, and much more.
Our teachers, leaders, and assistants are always very excited about helping every year and they are looking forward to it almost as much as the children are. Most of our leaders are kids at heart and are ready for what is to come with VBS this year!

How Can I Learn More About SRBC’s VBS?


If you have any additional questions or any concerns regarding VBS and what all it entails, please contact Mrs. Traci Perry, who is our children’s coordinator and VBS main leader.

You can ask her to help or volunteer or to donate any items, snacks, craft materials, or anything else you feel led to give. We appreciate any donations that are given. Contact Traci to see what she may need for VBS this year!


srbckids@yahoo.com   or   334-614-6587
You may also find out some information on our main Facebook page. There we will state if we need additional volunteers and helpers, any extra snacks or drinks, and things like that. Our homepage may display this information from time to time as well. You can also try the children’s Facebook page as well.