What Is Your Spiritual Gift(s)?
Whatever you may find out or guess about your spiritual gifts, what are you doing with them?
Are you using it for God? For others?
If you are not doing anything with them, we are not going to be judging you. We want to help you with them and we want to encourage you to find a way to use them for God and others. Spiritual gifts are blessings from God that He has provided for each of us to help others in our communities, work, churches, and in our home lives. They are gifts that are meant to be used and we want to help you use them whether within our church or elsewhere. If we can help you with them, let us know!
If you are not sure what spiritual gifts are or where they are located at within the Bible,
check out HERE for detailed information on each!
If you may have an idea of what it may be or if you are sure you know what it is, let us know below!
If you have no idea what your spiritual gifts may be, take a moment to fill out our Spiritual Gifts Test (PDF)
and let us know what your gift is!
Take the Spiritual gift test!
Print it out, fill it out, and let us know what amazing spiritual gift God has granted you with!
Find the PDF version of the test here:PDF Spiritual Gift Test
We also have these tests within the entrance of our sanctuary, which is available to you every Sunday and Wednesday. Just ask the pastor or greeter!
We are continuing our Spiritual gifts series this month for every Sunday! Visit us and find out everything God has to offer for us!