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Nursery Ministry


The ages of the children range from newborn to age 3.

 The Nursery is located upstairs near the sanctuary.
As soon as you walk into church, go up the ramp, through the double doors and directly on your left will be the Nursery.
There you will find Nursery volunteers and a colorful room for the babies/toddlers.
There is also convenient storage solutions for diaper bags or anything else you supply your precious child with.
We want to take care of your precious infants/toddlers, so please bring them up to the nursery so that you may enjoy our church services and events!
We have well experienced adults up there to take care of your children, which means there is no need to fret!

Nursery Vision Statement:


The Ministry of The Church Nursery

We are called as the church, to receive, nurture, and treasure each child as a gift from God. We give high priority to the quality of planning, preparation, and support of those who minister with them. We are called to love, shelter, protect and defend the children within our community, to nurture and support families in caring for their children, acting in the children’s best interest.


Silver Run Baptist values and honors our children. We want our nurseries to be safe, clean and inviting to parents and children alike. Our nursery is designed so that our parents and their children feel confident and secure in using the facilities and that the children may have a positive and affirming experience in the church. Christian formation begins in the earliest stages of childhood. We owe the youngest members of our family the BEST we can offer.


Studies have shown that people look with more discerning eyes at childcare arrangements than perhaps they did in the past. Our nurseries are key entry points for many folks into the faith community and if we fall short in a newcomer’s expectations of nursery facilities , we may lose the FAMILY. We want to be sure that our childcare and facilities encourage adults to attend worship, events and classes rather than deter them from coming. An important ministry of adult Christians is to honor children and to provide a safe and loving environment where adults and children together relate to God, share in Christ’s teaching and fellowship, seek and serve Christ in all persons, and are partners in building God’s kingdom.