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The place for Biblical knowledge & growth, mind blowing facts, friendships & more!
If you are between the ages of 18 and 29, we have a class & group for you!
We get deep into the Bible to help young men and women prepare for a better life through the teachings of Christ!
We even have debate nights sometimes on Wednesdays to include everyday topics of what we see and hear via word or media.
We have went through a lot of books in the Holy Bible and we continue to go into topics of student’s choice or of what Kevin Dabbs/Chris Hancock or the class chooses. We go with topics of everyday life and current events that the students want to talk about. We have talked on very compelling and interesting topics. This class is meant to go deeper into the old Biblical stories people have known since they were kids and learn about how to live our lives in the current environment. The CAC group also talks about Biblical stories that we may have never heard of before. It is great for beginners or those who are deep into their Biblical studies. This class challenges your thinking and makes you question reality at times. We encourage you to try it sometime! It is definitely a class that offers something to everyone.
We often experience jokes, laughter, and mind-blown ideas or statements that make this class enjoyable, educational, and fun for all!
We encourage humor, knowledge, and other admirable traits for our class.
Our class also has events that you may be interested in. Check out our group on Facebook (see upper right hand of this page) to see all events!!!
What We Do In The Church Outside Our Group:
Our group enjoys being involved within the church. Even though our age group is sometimes tough to keep  within the church due to our constant busy lives and situations, we find ways to fit in and help out when able. 
We are involved with VBS, youth, sound team, sports, teaching & more!
– We help lead the Vacation Bible School (VBS) Recreational games every year! We enjoy spending time with the kids while providing them with eventful games and fun activities during VBS in June. We have been known to be full of energy and laughter and it helps with energetic kids!
– We also help out with the youth during some of their events. We build up, counsel,  chaperone, and try to be respectable role models to the youth. We respect our positions when helping out the youth leaders during special events. Some of us are youth leaders as well.
– You can find us in the sound room on Sundays where a few of us help out through media screens or sound. 
– During Summer, you can find some of us participating in SRBC’s softball/sports games
– Some of us also are teachers to students at church on Sundays or Nursery helpers/teachers.
So come join us and bring a friend,
because we enjoy newcomers, learning, having fun, sharing laughs, and discovering all that God wants us to know!


Stay Connected With Us!

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SRBC’s C&C Group Having Fun:
Do you have any thoughts or comments on how to help our CAC class grow?
Do you have any ideas on any events we can try, such as trips, movie nights, game nights, concerts, etc.?
Let us know by emailing us:
*please attach any links to suggested events, if able.
Teachers: Kevin Dabbs & Chris Hancock
Books We Have Recently Went Through:
Genesis, Exodus
Daniel, Numbers
1 & 2 Samuel
1 & 2 Kings
Esther & Malachi
Acts, Romans, Ephesians
Zephaniah & Zechariah
Job, Psalms, Proverbs
Joshua, Judges
Deuteronomy, Ecclesiastes
Mark & John, Luke
Topics Recently Talked On:
immorality & morality
finance, what do you stand for
pride, comfort, peace
strength and weakness
plagues and Eqyptian-named gods (apart of our Genesis study)
Holy Spirit, evil spirits
faithfulness, revenge
dreams, politics, organizations
History of certain holidays
purgatory, angels, and demons
agencies, detestable sins
10 worst deaths in the Holy Bible
participation awards
bizarre laws 
Check Out & Visit Our Bible Study Classes:
9:45 AM & 5 PM EST
Let us know how we can improve!
email us @ silverrunbc.sealeal@gmail.com
CAC : From its Students
“In a generation where 18-30 year olds see churches as being useless to attend to, our class is there to bring people in and help others in the transition from being a teenager into adulthood, which is done through teachings tied into biblical lessons within a Christian atmosphere. This is the class where brainwashing and forcing anything into someone’s mind will not occur. We may talk about politics, economics, personal views and other topics that are not directly from the Holy Bible, but we talk about such topics in a way to inform us what high school did not personally teach some of us. The topics may seem out there at times, but the Bible is always tied into it in such a way that astonishes most. If you are wanting a group that does not judge, is willing to listen and help, and just in general is an honest, caring, knowledgeable and understanding group, then please, by all means, come visit our class one time. You may just want to come back again.”
– Heather
“I like the college class because the lessons usually involve something that is currently going on in the world or something that we can relate to. I also like that history, facts, and other information may be included in our lessons to help link the lesson from the Bible to the topic we are discussing. This class challenges my thinking and helps me to view things from more than one perspective, which I love!” – Nikki
SRBC CAC has been interesting and fun. The events are nice and I like when we play games as a group. The Bible Studies are great and educational too. 
– Brian